Fun Way to Learn Linux Command

Last week, my lecturer asked us to study about Linux command. However, studying about command line was not one of my favorite things, but at that time my friend suggested that I study Linux command from a game on the web called OverTheWire: Bandit.

This game consist of 26 level that encourage us to explore some of fundamental linux command that might be useful for us later on. It is a pretty interesting game.

Below is some of the screenshot of how to play it.

First, open the link that has been given above. Then a page like the picture below will appear.

It does not only give you the challenge to solve the problem, but it also gives you the hints ( the commands ) that should be used to solve the problem

To be able to solve it you need to open your linux command prompt and start following the instruction.

here are some of the pictures and examples of how to do it

First, read the instruction ( below is the example of the instruction )

Then, go to your terminal and type the command.

If you do not know what command to be used from the command suggestion list, you could always type the man < command you want to know > and press ‘q’ to exit or help < command >

Below is the cheat sheet from bandit 0 to bandit 7 password, it will be updated later.

Password and Command used:

ssh -p 2220
cd readme
pass: bandit0

ssh -p 2220
cat ./-
pass: boJ9jbbUNNfktd78OOpsqOltutMc3MY1

ssh -p 2220
cat spaces\ in\ this\ filename
pass: CV1DtqXWVFXTvM2F0k09SHz0YwRINYA9

ssh -p 2220
cd inhere
cat ./.hidden
pass: UmHadQclWmgdLOKQ3YNgjWxGoRMb5luK

ssh -p 2220
cat ./-file07
pass: pIwrPrtPN36QITSp3EQaw936yaFoFgAB

ssh -p 2220
cd inhere
du maybehere07 -a -b
cat ./.file2
pass: koReBOKuIDDepwhWk7jZC0RTdopnAYKh

ssh -p 2220
find / -user bandit7 -group bandit6 -size 33c 2>&1 | grep -F -v Permission
cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/bandit7.password
pass: DXjZPULLxYr17uwoI01bNLQbtFemEgo7

ssh -p 2220
pass: HKBPTKQnIay4Fw76bEy8PVxKEDQRKTzs