Enumeration Practice

Today, I got a lecture about how to enumerate data and was given a task.

Our task was to do these three things:

  1. Enumeration User wp1.pentest.id
  2. Enumeration User jo1.pentest.id
  3. Enumeration User Email @pentest.id

Several tools that were suggested:

  1. wpscan
  2. jooscan
  3. TheHarvester
  4. Google
  5. Nmap

so now I would like to show the results and techniques that I used to solve these task.

First, for number 1 I use wpscan. Below is the picture of the finding.


For number 2 I also use the same techniques. Below is the picture of kali linux with wpscan command.

For number 3:

I tried to get the email addresses using theharvester. The result is shown below

The result shows that there was no Email found. Since I did not get the email addresses list, I tried to get it using another tools which is Metasploit. Below is the result that I got from Metasploit.


The picture above shows that even though I tried to use another tool, it still gave me the same result (no email addresses found).

Below is the example of Metasploit that successfully retrieve the list of email addressess using domain name other than pentest.id.